Thandisizwe Chimurenga

“I came to journalism and media via activism.

I saw how my community was portrayed and I wanted to correct the errors.”

My name is Thandisizwe Chimurenga and I am a Los Angeles-based journalist and writer. I have reported for/anchored the KPFK Evening News (Pacifica-Los Angeles) and Free Speech Radio News. My print journalism has appeared in or at New America Media; the Los Angeles Watts Times, Sentinel and Wave newspapers; the San Francisco Bayview Newspaper; the Oakland Post Newspaper; the Final Call; Black Agenda Report; Ebony; CounterPunch, Truth-Out, TruthDig, the San Francisco Chronicle, Mint Press News and Daily Kos. 

I am the author of No Doubt: The Murder(s) of Oscar Grant (2014), Reparations ... Not Yet: A Case for Reparations and Why We Must Wait (2015), and I have contributed to several anthologies.

I am an independent, grassroots, freelance journalist.

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“Radical” as in getting “down to the roots.” The “Black Radical Tradition”, as in anti-colonial and anti-exploitation. “Radical” getting the hands dirty, digging at the root and fighting for liberation.

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